The Library

1949 is a library of women’s writings from Africa and the black world. The aim of 1949 is to unearth and amplify the contributions of African and black women to inspire present and future generations.

A bit of history…

1949 is the year (one of the years) in which female politicians belonging to the Ivorian section of the Rassemblement Démocratique Africain (RDA) marched on Grand-Bassam to free the men of the RDA who had been thrown in prison by the colonial administration.

When that story is told in Côte d’Ivoire though, on the rare occasions it is told, these politicians become only wives and mothers. As if that is all they were.

At 1949, we affirm the fact that those 2,000 women who marched, those 2,000 women that the colonial administration called The Amazons of the RDA, were not just wives and mothers. After all, there were only 8 men in that prison. What would have been the ratio then ?